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Change Happens through movement, and movement heals
Joseph Pilates

Kim Radovich 

Comprehensively Certified Pilates Teacher and Studio Owner

I am a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher with a passion for movement and holistic well-being. With a strong background in both Hatha Yoga and Classical Pilates, I've accumulated over 2,000 hours of dedicated training in these disciplines since 2007.

My approach to Pilates is characterized by a playful and personalized touch. Whether you're a Pilates novice or an elite athlete, I take pride in tailoring workouts to suit your body's unique needs.

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of movement. I was born with torticollis (wryneck) and kyphosis and have been going to chiropractors for neck pain for most of my life. In 2002, I went to my first Pilates class, and over time, the pain stopped.  I soon realized that by exercising with proper alignment and building a balanced practice of both strength and flexibility, I was able to bring more balance into my own body.  This personal journey ignited my appreciation for movement as a healing force, contributing to my physical and emotional well-being.

Recognizing the profound impact of a mind-body practice, I felt compelled to share this experience with others. In my view, all movement should originate from the heart—a philosophy that inspired the name of my studio.

Join me on a journey where movement becomes a source of healing and wholeness. Whether you're beginning your Pilates adventure or seeking to elevate your practice, my goal is to guide you toward a more balanced and vibrant life. Welcome to a space where movement emanates from the heart.



"Kim is the most knowledgeable Pilates instructor I have ever had. As an ultramarathoner, she has helped me with my cross-training for running. I have seen  great improvement in my core strength and stride length."

Rob L

“Kim is an expert in her field. I have Sciatica and have been in several car accidents With Kim's advanced training and expertise, we have mobilized my spine such that I no longer have shooting pain. My core is stronger than ever and I have increased mobility in my whole body."

Elizabeth S. 

I have been a Pilates client of Kim’s at Heart of Movement for over 9 years.  Kim is a very caring, intuitive, professional Pilates instructor with a very positive and encouraging attitude.  She is a patient Pilates guide and is always noticing my body imbalances.  Kim has helped me gain personal strength and is very aware of my back limitations!   I have improved immensely over the last 9 years, especially in core strength, posture and fitness endurance.  Pilates also helped me build personal strength, increase body awareness and become more centered.   I would highly recommend Kim and Heart of Movement!

Christine (Mississauga, age 68)

"In the nine years that I have practiced with Kim, I have been able to advance my Pilates practice more than I imagined was possible (and more than I was able to do in the previous 12+ years with various other instructors). Kim provides a phenomenal, tailored, challenging and fun workout every time! I am stronger than ever. I stand taller, the chronic pain in my hip and shoulder that I lived with for years is gone, and my body is transformed. I LOVE working with Kim! I wouldn't want to imagine my life without Heart of Movement!"

Julie H

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