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Classical Pilates - Center Line Cadillac

Pilates is an exercise system designed to improve strength and flexibility. It focuses on healthy breathing and spinal and major joint decompression;   bringing uniform development back into the body.    When a body is in a balanced state there is increased blood flow resulting in healthier circulation, increased vitality, improved posture, balance and coordination.

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body.”

Joseph Pilates

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“As a female in her 60's it is important for me to be strong and fit. In the one year of Pilates with Kim at Heart of Movement I have seen more positive change in my body than in the previous 5 years of weights and cardio at the gym. Kim personally ensures my Pilates program is tailored specifically for me and my body. I look forward to my sessions with her each week! Thank you Kim, you really are the best."

Carol R.

"In the three years that I have practiced with Kim, I have been able to advance my Pilates practice more than I imagined was possible (and more than I was able to do in the previous 12+ years with various other instructors). Kim provides a phenomenal, tailored, challenging and fun workout every time!  I am stronger than ever, I stand taller, the chronic pain in my hip and shoulder that I lived with for years is gone and my body is transformed. I LOVE working with Kim ! I wouldn't want to imagine my life without Heart of Movement!"

Julie H


“Kim is an expert in her field. I have Sciatica and have been in several car accidents With Kim's advanced training and expertise, we have mobilized my spine such that I no longer have shooting pain. My core is stronger than ever and I have increased mobility in my whole body."

Elizabeth S. 


"With my back issues, I used to believe that any movement was painful. Pilates with  Kim makes a difference. I feel better after the session and am now pain-free.

Kim ensures I am doing all exercises properly for the greatest impact. I highly recommend  Kim as a Pilates instructor. She is exactly what I need! Her studio Heart of Movement is amazing very clean it has all the equipment."

Hiyam A.

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